CaloSense Health

Supporting Bariatric care
and Lifelong Patient Journeys

Founded in 2020, CaloSense Health is on a mission to deliver life-changing medical intervention.

Our unique Platform enables ongoing remote support for Bariatric care and other long-term conditions, leading to greater patient adherence to treatment protocols and a significant increase in positive clinical results.

Bariatric surgery is one of several long-term conditions that require a combination of a complete change in lifestyle, together with life-long follow-up, in order to deliver long-term success. To this end, we are currently undertaking clinical trials to prove that our Lifelong Patient Journey Platform, combining a hybrid solution of a technologically advanced RPM Platform (Remote Patient Monitoring), with a proactive monitoring team, will deliver maximum adherence over time by increasing patient engagement and satisfaction, reducing re-hospitalizations, and ensuring long-term weight loss and maintenance.